Manschappenbunker 622 (3/3)

Unlike the other personnel bunkers in these dunes, this one is still completely intact and undamaged. During the fighting on November 1, 1944, the bunker was partly buried under the sand, which may have resulted in the beautiful current state of being. At the entrance there is still an original number indication of the bunker. The ceiling is partly made of wood. This is remarkable since the use of wood was against the regulations because of the fire hazard. Apparently there was no longer any iron available and the builders were forced to use wood.

Another special thing is that in front of the bunker is a plum tree. This one was planted by a German soldier and still gives bags full of plums every year.

Please note!: From the address, walk into the dunes. The bunker is located in the dunes of Strand Koudekerke.

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