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Artillery bunker M219

There are only two of this type of bunker in the whole Atlantic Wall.
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Artillery bunker type 612

This type 612 gun bunker was equipped with a cannon, mounted on a carriage, that was used to fire parallel to the coastline.
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Atlantic Wall Museum Noordwijk

The 3-storey high S414 bunker was the main command station for the whole Noordwijk battery.
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Barracks bunker 502 with Flakbedding

This type 502 barracks bunker is unique in that its roof is equipped with a Flakbedding - a type of anti-aircraft weapon.
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Bunker 618

Toorenvliedt is the only intact divisional headquarters in the Netherlands and the most complete one within the Atlantic Wall.
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Bunker 623

These bunkers are constructed bombproof with walls and roofs of at least 2 meters thick reinforced concrete. A total of 6 examples of this type have been built along the Landfront.
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Bunker Bremen

This munitions bunker is part of the German Vineta battery and is currently home to the Nederlands Militair kustverdedigingsmuseum (Dutch Military Coastal Defence Museum).
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Bunker Complex De Punt – Widerstandsnest 220 H

The bunker complex Widerstandsnest 220 H (de Punt) now consists of 15 bunkers that are open to visit.
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Bunker complex Rijksdorp

During the Second World War, bunker complex Rijksdorp was the center for German command in the area from Noordwijk to Scheveningen.
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