Type bunker: Defense object (not a bunker)

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Spit of land at the Ferry Harbor Hellevoetsluis

The Nazis used the military grounds at this location during the Second World War and expanded their air defense with a bed equipped with anti-aircraft guns (FLAK) and used an already present Dutch military object to serve as troops’ quarters. A special place because this is normally an area that cannot be entered.

Wijk aan Zee: Tetraëder 

Fall 2021, a concrete tetrahedron beach obstacle has been rebuild on this position. Its original concrete poles, of 120kg each, as well as the even heavier obstacle head, where found during excavation on the beach.  

Fort 1881

This coastal defence system is now a museum and tells the story about life in the fort during warrtime and the role it played during the WWII.

National Monument Oranjehotel

The Oranjehotel is the nickname for the Scheveningen prison during Second World War. Between 1940-1945, the German occupier held more than 25,000 people here for

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