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Book fair

Atlantic Wall Museum The Hague has been donated a large collection of war books. In close consultation with the donor, it has been decided to


Various re-enactment groups are present at the Kazemattenmuseum, such as the DKA (Dutch Coastal Artillery). There are military vehicles on display, there is a shop

Activities Bunkerroute De Punt

Various activities are organized at Bunkerroute De Punt: There are continuous guided tours throughout the day. If there is a group of about 20 people,

Activities Hospital complex

Various activities are organized at the hospital complex. Guided tours are given continuously throughout the day. If there is a group of about 20 people,

Mini obstacle course

There is a mini obstacle course for children up to 12 years old where they can show and practice their agility.

Comic Atlanikwall

The construction of the Atlantic Wall has dramatic consequences for coastal residents in the Netherlands. The dunes, the beach and the boulevards become a forbidden

Canadian soldiers

In the dunes around bunker museum Jansje Schong you will find Canadian soldiers of 48th Highlanders. They introduce you in an authentic way to the

Vehicles Show

Location: Museum Bescherming Bevolking (Bunker complex Overvoorde)

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