Soort activiteit: bunker (ENG)

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De Punt: Observation bunker

The first bunker we find in De Punt is an observation bunker, also called a Leiche MG Ringstände bunker. This reinforced concrete battle area has a round or octagonal hole at the top includinh a gun carriage. A

Command bunker 608

In the command bunker you can see the original communication equipment including an area that has been furnished as it looked in WW2.

Manschappen 622

Come and see what the accommodation of a German soldier stationed in The Hague looked like.

G23 Flakbunker Sleutel

This G23 anti-aircraft weapons bunker is also known as the Sleutelbunker type L410A. Besides this one on Terschelling, only one other similar bunker exists in Den Helder.

FL 244 Leitstand

This Leitstand was part of the Dirks Admiraal fort and was central to the Flak battery.

Sperre Arendsduin: Kitchen bunker

The Widerstandsnest 53 formed the northwestern entrance (Sperre) to the Festung Hoek van Holland. The three bunkers that you can visit are: Barracks bunker 501, Artillery bunker 676 and a Kitchen bunker.

Bunker complex Rijksdorp

During the Second World War, bunker complex Rijksdorp was the center for German command in the area from Noordwijk to Scheveningen.

Aggregate bunker

The museum has been able to purchase an aggregate, the same type that stood and was used in the bunker during WWII.

Bunker 700

It was only found in 1990 and, after much tender loving care, it was made accessible as the first German bunker in the Netherlands

Oranjemolen observation bunker

This type 143 observation bunker can be found at the Oranjemolen in Vlissingen. It was built in 1943 as an observation post for an artillery battery.

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