Soort activiteit: bunker (ENG)

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Hospital complex

In order to provide the soldiers within the Stützpunktgruppe with good medical care, a large hospital complex (Truppenverbandplatz) was built in early 1944, just outside

Kuvertype 450a

An extra bunker will be opened especially for Bunker Day, a residential bunker of the Kuver type 450a. Several short films of the daily life

Bunkermuseum Wn12H Vlieland

The bunkers of Wn 12H are the only one on Vlieland that has ‘survived’, the others have been demolished or ended up on the beach

Bunker Hamburg

The bunker is still in its original condition, so you will enter a real time capsule.

Observation bunker type 143

The observation bunker had a 20-tonne armoured-steel observation dome integrated into the roof. The surrounding area could be viewed using a periscope in the dome.

Küver 413a

this bunker at Bunkercomplex Overvoorde in Rijswijk was room for 12 men. The bunker was divided into 2 rooms, the day room and the night room.

SK Betriebstand

This large bunker at Bunkercomplex Overvoorde is referred to as type S.K. This means that the bunker was not a standard design and therefore probably designed for this location.

Sperre Arendsduin bunkers

The Widerstandsnest 53 formed the northwestern entrance (Sperre) to the Festung Hoek van Holland. The three bunkers that you can visit are: Manschappenbunker 501 & Gun bunker 676 & Kitchen bunker.

G65 Seeburg Bunker

This G65 Seeburg Bunker belongs to the Küvertype 424 and was the heart of the radar array.

M151 Manschappenbunker

This German personnel bunker type M151 served as accommodation for 28 marines of the Artillerie Abteilung and the Marine Funkmeßabteilung.

De Punt: Water bunker

A bunker containing an artesian well that served as the water supply for the complex. The so-called source (brunne) with filter installation.

De Punt: Machine Gun Bunker

The bunker is a schwere mg Rinständ or Tobruk bunker for a heavy machine gun. On the edge of the bunker turned a gun mount on which a mg 311 (f) was mounted.

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