Info & tickets

An official ticket is required for entry to the bunkers on Bunkerdag - available online here and at a number of participating locations.

Why buy a ticket?

Bunkerdag is much more than a fun and educational event. The proceeds from ticket sales go towards funding the various bunker heritage foundations and towards management and maintenance of the Atlantic Wall as a whole. Additionally, tickets allow visitors to take part in the many extra activities that are specially put together for Bunkerdag. So worthwhile!

Ticket prices

Bunkerdag ticket: € 6.00
Bunkerdag ticket child (4 - 12 years): € 3.00
Children under 4 have free entrance

A discount of 50% is available for veterans on their own personal ticket upon display of their veteran ID card. This discount is unfortunately not available online, only via the participating vendor locations. 

Ticket sales on Bunkerdag

On Bunkerdag itself, tickets are only available at specific participating locations that have chosen to act as vendor. Vendor locations are indicated in the grey area to the right when you click on a location on the map here. Please note: you can only pay with cash at the vendor locations.

Bunkerdag terms and conditions are available here.