Bunkerdag Survival Guide

As many Atlantic Wall bunker locations as possible are open to the public on Bunkerdag. Some of them have been converted into museums and are, as such, suitably accessible, neat and clean. Many of the other participating locations are normally closed to the public or otherwise less accessible, being protected roosting sites for bats, (partly) flooded or buried under sand. That's why we put together the following Bunkerdag survival guide:

Wear suitable shoes

By suitable, we mean sturdy shoes that are good for walking through loose sand and mud. There is a small amount of water on the ground in some of the locations so it's handy if your shoes are waterproof too.

Wear suitable clothing

It's not a good idea to wear your Sunday best to Bunkerdag. Some visits require a bit of climbing and clambering before you can get to the location. Loose-fitting clothes make this easier, of course. Additionally, many of the locations have been untouched for some time, resulting in rather dusty interiors. The dust may transfer to your clothes if you happen to brush up against something.

Be on the alert for ticks!

Bunkerdag is held during tick season and we hope that the weather will be favourable. Please watch out for ticks if you have exposed skin while walking through high grass, bushes or wooded areas. Long trousers and long-sleeved shirts are recommended. It's even a good idea to tuck your trousers into your socks.

Don't forget your torch

Some of the bunkers haven't been lit since WWII. We do our best to make sure each location has lighting but even then, there are still many dark corners, hallways and rooms that you may want to explore, so make sure to bring a torch!

Get your Bunkerdag ticket in presales

Preparation is the key to success! If you purchase your Bunkerdag ticket in advance, then you will not have to queue on the day. Besides, not every location - even though they all require a valid ticket for entry - facilitates ticket sales on Bunkerdag. You can purchase tickets via this website, or at one of the vendor locations.