Locatie: Terschelling

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G65 Seeburg Bunker

This G65 Seeburg Bunker belongs to the Küvertype 424 and was the heart of the radar array.

G23 Flakbunker Sleutel

This G23 anti-aircraft weapons bunker is also known as the Sleutelbunker type L410A. Besides this one on Terschelling, only one other similar bunker exists in Den Helder.

G35 Fourier bunker

This ‘Fourier’ bunker is a ‘Bekleidungskammer’ (‘Dressing Room’); a very rare bunker that we rarely come across. This specific type XXL VAR has not yet been found in other defences in the Netherlands. Usually it is being dug open especially for Bunkerdag.

G45 Emergency power bunker

The bunker, a type Küver 431 Notstrom Bunker for 70 KVA, was equipped with an emergency power supply. It is a rare type; only two were ever built in the Netherlands

G41 Officers’ bunker

The first part of this type Küver 467 XL VAR officers’ bunker, was set up and staged in 2018.

Bertha Bunker

The command bunker ‘Bertha’ is unique in The Netherlands due to its impressive size.

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