Locatie: Ouddorp

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De Punt: Water bunker

A bunker containing an artesian well that served as the water supply for the complex. The so-called source (brunne) with filter installation.

De Punt: Machine Gun Bunker

The bunker is a schwere mg Rinständ or Tobruk bunker for a heavy machine gun. On the edge of the bunker turned a gun mount on which a mg 311 (f) was mounted.

De Punt: Zoeklichtgarage and bedding

The fourth bunker is built against the air raid shelter and consists entirely of masonry. In this garage (depot) a searchlight and the associated generator, which provided the power supply, were stored.

De Punt: Observation bunker

The first bunker we find in De Punt is an observation bunker, also called a Leiche MG Ringstände bunker. This reinforced concrete battle area has a round or octagonal hole at the top includinh a gun carriage. A

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