Locatie: Hellevoetsluis

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Spit of land at the Ferry Harbor Hellevoetsluis

The Nazis used the military grounds at this location during the Second World War and expanded their air defense with a bed equipped with anti-aircraft guns (FLAK) and used an already present Dutch military object to serve as troops’ quarters. A special place because this is normally an area that cannot be entered.

Walk ‘Traces of WW2’

In Hellevoetsluis many traces can be seen of Stützpunkt XXVIII (Steunpunt 28) of the Atlantikwall. You can discover it for yourself in the special tour organized by the Defense Works Hellevoetsluis foundation.

Artillery bunker type 612

This type 612 gun bunker was equipped with a cannon, mounted on a carriage, that was used to fire parallel to the coastline.

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