Locatie: Dishoek

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Munitions bunker M145 (2/2)

This bunker has considerable damage on the outside. This damage was not caused by grenades or rockets, but by a test explosion when there were plans to demolish the bunker.

Dishoek: Manschappenbunker 622 (3/3)

This personnel bunker type 622 was partly buried in sand during the heavy fighting on November 1st in 1944. This probably resulted in the beautiful current state of being unlike the other bunkers in these dunes.

Munitions bunker M145 (1/2)

This bunker was an ammunition store and you can still see lists of types of ammunition that were kept here noted on the walls.

Dishoek: Kitchen bunker 134

You will find three smoke ducts in the wall. This specimen has also been war-damaged probably due to the battle that raged here on November 2nd and 3rd in 1944.

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