Locatie: The Hague

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Book fair

Atlantic Wall Museum The Hague has been donated a large collection of war books. In close consultation with the donor, it has been decided to

Command bunker 608

In the command bunker you can see the original communication equipment including an area that has been furnished as it looked in WW2.

Manschappen 622

Come and see what the accommodation of a German soldier stationed in The Hague looked like.

Tobruk Ypenburg

This tobruk was found in 2017 during the construction of the Rotterdamse Baan and therefore moved to its current location.

Atlantic Wall Museum The Hague

Almost all the bunkers in the Scheveningen complex are still intact and the Atlantic Wall Museum Scheveningen Foundation has reopened and authentically refurnished the command bunker, the barracks bunker and the toilet bunker.

National Monument Oranjehotel

The Oranjehotel is the nickname for the Scheveningen prison during Second World War. Between 1940-1945, the German occupier held more than 25,000 people here for

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