Valkenburg Airport

The foundation Stichting Historie Vliegveld Valkenburg (SHVV) has converted the telephone exchange at the former naval airbase Valkenburg into a visitor center. The above-ground bunker dates from the Cold War (1982). This is where all the telephone lines for the naval airfield came in, so that the bunker was continuously manned. The building still has that function of communication for the companies located on the site and the Theater Hangar.

Inside there is a permanent exhibition telling the history of the airport (1939-2006). The exhibition shows objects, videos and photos, starting with the May days of 1940 until the closure due to budget cuts in 2006. The bunker remains as much as possible in its original state.

– From the Wassenaarseweg (Katwijk – Wassenaar) take the exit to the (former) airport.
– The Visitor Center is just past the barrier at the main entrance of the airport site.
– Is the barrier closed? Then report via the intercom and indicate that you are going to ‘the museum’.
– Past the barrier, take the second exit on the left. You can recognize the building by the banner. Follow the blue signs with ‘250’. There is ample parking.

Address for navigation: 1e Mientlaan, 2223 LA, Katwijk aan Zee (our real address is not recognized by navigation apps)

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