The Atlantic Wall Museum Noordwijk

Along the cycle path in the dunes north of Noordwijk, you can find the former firing control post, which has been converted into The Atlantic Wall Museum Noordwijk.

The 3-storey high S414 bunker was the main command station for the whole Noordwijk battery. The bunker is an excellent viewpoint for observing the sea and surrounding areas, which was exploited to make measurements, based on which cannon firing trajectories could be adjusted accordingly. The museum offers a very authentic view into life in the bunker, being mostly fitted with original instruments. Via the uppermost observation area, visitors have a wide view over Noordwijk and with clear skies even all the way beyond Scheveningen up to the Maasvlakte.

Various other bunkers can also be visited via the 400 metre long tunnel: 3 artillery bunkers and 2 barracks bunkers.

Please note that the bunker is located along the cycle path, 200 metres beyond the end of the Bosweg.

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