Texla Bunker

Texel was an important link for German forces in the defence of Western Europe and the prevention of a potential Allied invasion via England. There were more than 700 bunkers on the island during the war. A large number of them have been demolished but a few bunkers can still be found at different locations.

This bunker is known as the ‘Texla bunker’, named after the house next door. It is a type R617 communications bunker, built in 1943 and was used to maintain contact between the mainland and the batteries on the island.

The Texla bunker played an important role during the Georgian Uprising. On April 6th, 1945, the bunker became the headquarters for the Georgian soldiers, who started an uprising against the Germans. The Georgians hoped to prevent the Germans from calling for reinforcements by claiming the Texla. Men from Texel were called to join the insurgents for an armed struggle and were registered at the Texla. The first civilian casualties fell here due to shelling by German forces. Traces of the battle are still visible.

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