Tank Wall Lage Zwaluwe

In Lage Zwaluwe there are various parts of a tank wall and barriers along the dike. It consists of several locations.

Location 1:
On one of the blocks you can see an original painting of the Polish army. The date 8-11-1944 PL is written here. GPS: 51.715210, 4.679141

Location 2:
Part of the tank wall is located along Dirk de Botsdijk. GPS: 51.712615, 4.679658

Location 3:
Tank wall barrier 131, which extends to the adjacent tank ditch. GPS: 51.707790, 4.678955

Location 4:
German cannon. GPS: 51.712925, 4.673410

Location 5:
German personnel bunker and a Dutch machine gun casemate. GPS: 51.711343, 4.650058

All locations are approximately 150 meters away from each other. The locations formed a ring of defenses and tank walls from Lage Zwaluwe to the village of Moerdijk. During the war, the line was called Stützpunktgruppe Moerdijk.

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