Munitions bunker M145 (2/2)

This bunker has considerable damage on the outside. This damage was not caused by grenades or rockets, but by a test explosion when there were plans to demolish the bunker.

On the walls of the bunker are descriptions of the ammunition that used to be there. Those were not ordinary grenades, but lighting grenades. This illuminated the target, which could then be attacked with other ammunition. This bunker was reused by the Dutch army during the Cold War.

Please note!: The bunker is located in the dunes of beach Koudekerke. To reach the bunker you have to climb a staircase and walk through the dune sand.

other activities in the area

Hospitalbunker M159

This is the only type M159 hospital bunker in The Netherlands and played a significant role during the war.
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Kitchen bunker 134

You will find three smoke ducts in the wall. This specimen has also been war-damaged probably due to the battle that raged here on November 2nd and 3rd in 1944.
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