Manschappen 622

In 1943 the German occupier built a command center consisting of thirteen bunkers in the Nieuwe Scheveningse Bosjes. The staff department in the complex, led by SS-Oberführer Erwin Tzschoppe, was charged with military command over the defense of the Stützpunktgruppe Scheveningen. Almost all bunkers of this complex are still present. Stichting Atlantikwall Museum Scheveningen has made a command bunker, a personnel bunker and a toilet bunker accessible again and furnished it authentically.

In the personnel bunker type 622 (Doppelgruppenunterstand) there is a ‘time capsule’; one of the two living areas is furnished exclusively with unrestored objects. The visitor will get the impression that the bunker has remained untouched since the end of the Second World War. In reality, most bunkers in the Netherlands were looted after the war and stripped of all valuable parts. In the other space is room for an exhibition with photos, art and historical objects.

other activities in the area

Atlantic Wall Museum Scheveningen

Almost all the bunkers in the Scheveningen complex are still intact and the Atlantic Wall Museum Scheveningen Foundation has reopened and authentically refurnished the command bunker, the barracks bunker and the toilet bunker.
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Command bunker 608

In the command bunker you can see the original communication equipment including an area that has been furnished as it looked in WW2.
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