M151 Manschappenbunker

This type Regelbau M151 personnel bunker served as accommodation for 28 marines of the Artillerie Abteilung and the Marine Funkmeßabteilung. The bunker has four rooms. Two for twelve soldiers each, who slept in bunk beds of three. One room for three NCOs and one for an officer. This bunker was poison gas free (just like many other bunkers). To keep out any poison gas, the bunker was under overpressure and there was a disinfection sluice at the two entrances. Here the soldiers could remove any poison gas residues before entering the bunker. For better imaging, one of the bedrooms has been redecorated with the twelve beds.

Please note!: access to the bunker is via a long stairway upward and some distance walking through the dunes.

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