Fort 1881

Fort aan den Hoek (Fort 1881) was built between 1881 and 1889 as part of the Dutch coastal defence system. Its purpose was to protect the Nieuwe Waterweg. The fort fell into German hands on May 16th 1940. German POWs were released, Dutch soldiers were taken prisoner and the fort became the headquarters of the MMA 205. It was also used as a hospital and a bread-baking factory, where, every day, over 5000 loaves were produced for the 8000 German troops stationed in the area.

There are still many signs of the German occupation visible today. You can even read writings left behind by inmates on the prison cell walls. The fort has some 107 rooms, 3km of corridors, two bakeries and water storage that holds up to 220000 litres of drinking water. A brewery exploits this last area and uses the water produced here to brew exclusive beers.

other activities in the area

Bunker Bremen

This munitions bunker is part of the German Vineta battery and is currently home to the Nederlands Militair kustverdedigingsmuseum (Dutch Military Coastal Defence Museum).
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Bunker Hamburg

The bunker is still in its original condition, so you will enter a real time capsule.
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