FL250 Flakgruppen Kommandostand (Crown Bunker)

This FL250 was nicknamed ‘Kroontjesbunker’ (‘Crown Bunker’) because of the shape of the tower. Aerial manoeuvres were observed and charted by radar posts in the dunes along the coast as a coordinated effort together with posts further afield like ‘Zander’ in Zandvoort and ‘Tiger’ on Terschelling. These manoeuvres were plotted on a glass screen in the Kroontjesbunker, then all resulting intelligence about flight routes and numbers of aircraft was passed on to the Flak battery some distance away. This cooperation formed a unified strip of observation and information exchange, which had the capability of tracking every single plane in the region. Efforts are being made to restore the bunker to its original state for future opening to the public. This bunker is situated in a nature reserve and visitors must keep to official, indicated footpaths.

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