FL 244 Leitstand

This Leitstand was part of the Dirks Admiraal fort and was central to the Flak battery. It was a command post for the air force. All information received about enemy aircraft was processed here and sent on to the artillery operators. The bunker also had 2 open observation posts and a surveillance station. Nowadays, and on Bunkerdag, visitors can clearly see on the inside how this building was constructed. It was based on a combination of two bunker types: the L401 for the base with a FL243 on top for the artillery. There is also an impressive collection of grenades and bombs on display. 

other activities in the area

638 Sani (Hospitalbunker)

This bunker is a special type 638, built to function as a medical emergency centre during an attack.
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Artillery bunker M219

There are only two of this type of bunker in the whole Atlantic Wall.
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