Exhibition: Radar op Schiermonnikoog

The German occupier built several radar positions in the Netherlands in the fight against the Allied bombers during the Second World War. After first trying on Rottum, which failed because the area was flooded in stormy weather, it was decided to build radar position ‘Schlei’ on Schiermonnikoog. This started in March 1941 and in July the first successful test was held in the Seeburgbunker, where Bunkermuseum Schlei is now located.

The exhibition “Radar op Schiermonnikoog” can be seen in Bunkermuseum Schlei. The exhibition provides an insight in how the German occupier executed the air war with their radar systems. Through images and text, it is explained how the German radar worked. Besides archaeological finds related to the German radar are exhibited with the most exciting part: the restored electrical box that belonged to the Würtzburg Riese radar.

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Aggregate bunker

The museum has been able to purchase an aggregate, the same type that stood and was used in the bunker during WWII.
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Bunkermuseum Schlei

Between the bunkers in the Goetlijfpark you will find re-enacmtent of the 2nd Kompanie Gebirgsjäger Regiment 100. They show how the originally Austrian Gebirgsjägers lived.
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