De Punt: Toilet bunker

There were two toilets in the bunker, ‘2 sits abbort‘. The toilet bunker was further away from the residential bunkers building, due to hygiene reasons. There was no connection to a sewer, so people needed to use a wooden bucket. This wooden bucket was under a slab with a hole in it. The hole was closed with a lid because of the stench.

The abbort on this complex is heavily executed. The shard wall in front of the toilets is almost 10 meters long and the floor is 3.5 meters below ground level. A shard wall is a wall that offers protection against fragmentation of bombs during an air raid. On top is a 30 cm thick concrete roof and above it another 1 meter of ground.

During the work, remnants of the buckets were found, but not preserved due to the poor condition.

other activities in the area

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De Punt: Machine Gun Bunker

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