De Punt: Tankkoepel bunker

This is a Tobrukstände-type bunker, accommodating a light tank turret. On top of this reinforced concrete battle platform stood the turret of a French Renault FT 17 tank. This tank was a veteran of WW1 and is regarded as the predecessor of the modern tank.

In the FT 17, the driver sat in front, with the motor in the back and the turret placed in the middle. This arrangement was unique at the time but is now commonly applied in modern-day tanks. The turret was also armed with a Reibel MG 311 (f). This French machine gun was also mounted on the other two Tobruks at ‘De Punt’. The bunker served to protect the coastline in the direction of the Grevelingenzijde.

other activities in the area

Bunker Complex De Punt – Widerstandsnest 220 H

The bunker complex Widerstandsnest 220 H (de Punt) now consists of 15 bunkers that are open to visit.
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De Punt: Machine Gun Bunker

The bunker is a schwere mg Rinständ or Tobruk bunker for a heavy machine gun. On the edge of the bunker turned a gun mount on which a mg 311 (f) was mounted.
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