Bunker complex Rijksdorp

During the Second World War, bunker complex Rijksdorp was the center for German command in the area from Noordwijk to Scheveningen. The core of the complex is formed by the command posts, the combat shelters, the aid station and the ammunition store, all of reinforced concrete with a thickness of 2 meters or more. During the Cold War, the deeply hidden command post of the Royal Netherlands Air Force was located here.

On Bunker Day, guided tours are given throughout the day, they last about 1 hour and leave as soon as the group consists of 15 people. Registration is not necessary. Keep an eye on the Facebook or Instagram of Bunker Day to receive notifications about the crowds or queues. The last tour starts at 3 pm.

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Vleermuisbunker 37H

You can plan your own visit to this bunker but there will be tour guides and volunteers available to explain about both the bunker and the bats.
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