Bertha Bunker

This German built Tiger radar station is one of the few radar arrays in The Netherlands that is still completely intact. The 7-hectare complex counts over 100 bunkers, where some 200 German soldiers lived and worked during WWII. The command bunker ‘Bertha’ is unique in The Netherlands due to its impressive size.

This central bunker ‘Bertha’ is the largest bunker on Terschelling. There are similar bunkers in The Netherlands: the ‘Zander’ in Zandvoort and the ‘Biber’ near Brielle. The bunker has 2 floors, each measuring 20 x 20 metres and some 3000 m3 of concrete was used in its construction. The bunker housed the personnel and equipment required for the collection, processing and distribution of aviation intelligence to the civil ground-based defence services in German cities, airfields and anti-aircraft units. More importantly, all aviation offensives in the region around Terschelling were coordinated from here. Every standardised bunker has a type number but this type St.-L487 had the codename ‘Bertha’.

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Location: Bunker Museum Terschelling
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G23 Flakbunker Sleutel

This G23 anti-aircraft weapons bunker is also known as the Sleutelbunker type L410A. Besides this one on Terschelling, only one other similar bunker exists in Den Helder.
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