Barracks bunker 502 with Flakbedding

This type 502 barracks bunker is unique in that its roof is equipped with a Flakbedding – a type of anti-aircraft weapon. There is also a corridor at the entrance of the bunker, which is relatively unusual. Bunkerploeg Dordrecht manages this location and has also taken care of furnishing it. We see, to one side, an impression of what life was like for the troops stationed in this bunker, and on the other a collection of wartime objects, the most interesting aspect being that everything here has been restored to working order. There is a bunker heater stove that actually works, a small telephone exchange, a fully operational air filtration system and a periscope that visitors can use. In this way we get a really good impression of how the bunker functioned. A visit to this location is certainly worth the effort.

Please note!: access to the interior of the bunker is via a stairway, as is the climb to visit the top of the bunker.

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