Atlantikwall Tank Wall

A tank wall stood along the entire length of Katwijk boulevard as part of the Atlantic Wall during WWII. A tank wall or rampart is a military defence structure in the form of a wall that is so thick and high that tanks and armoured vehicles cannot cross it. Tank walls are usually built using concrete. This old wall is largely broken up and lies under the current boulevard, and is therefore not viewable.

The DUNAatelier of Stichting Kunstvereniging Katwijk is located next to a section of the hidden tank wall. They have started a project to renovate the tank wall. Work will continue in the coming months so that the monument will be ready to present on Bunkerdag.

In the adjacent studio you will find more information about Katwijk in wartime. The short film De Verborgen Grens (The Hidden Border), which provides an interesting introduction to the Atlantic Wall, will also be screened in a continuous loop.

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