Atlantic Wall Centre Huisduinen

The Atlantic Wall Centre was built in an old administration office, between the old walls. The old building has been left intact.

In 1942, the navy built an artillery park on the former Galgenveld in Huisduinen for the storage and repair of weapons and other materials. This park consisted of storage sheds and a machine workshop. The most representative buildings were the monumental entrance gate and the Administration Office, also known as the Logementsgebouw. By the people more known as Casino. This building featured exceptional entrances with stairs and colonnades.

In the Atlantic Wall Centre there is an exhibition about the global history of the Atlantic Wall in a timeline. The war in Den Helder illustrated in display cases with images and sound. This includes interviews with residents of Den Helder and the coastline of the entire Atlantic Wall is explained through photos and miniatures.

other activities in the area

638 Sani (Hospitalbunker)

This bunker is a special type 638, built to function as a medical emergency centre during an attack.
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Artillery bunker M219

There are only two of this type of bunker in the whole Atlantic Wall.
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