Artillery bunker M219

There are only two of this type of bunker in the whole Atlantic Wall and they were never used – the war ended before their construction was completed. They are located side by side near Julianadorp – two giants, one of which can be visited inside. Visitors can see the enormous shaft on top of which the gun would have been mounted and through which its ammunition would have been hoisted up. The friendly volunteers of Stichting Erfgoed Den Helder will tell you more about the bunker. The other M219 is used as an observation point for viewing the dunes and beach.

other activities in the area

638 Sani (Hospitalbunker)

This bunker is a special type 638, built to function as a medical emergency centre during an attack.
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Atlantic Wall Centre Huisduinen

For years, the Administration Office in Huisduinen was a controversial reminder of the wartime in Den Helder. Nowadays new impulses are emerged to keep the memory of the significant period in our history alive.
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