638 Sani (Hospitalbunker)

A unique bunker, of which there are only four in the Netherlands. This hospital bunker is of the special type 638 and is intended for the first need for medical assistance in the event of an attack. The victim could be stabilized with minor or major surgery. If necessary, the soldier would then be transported to be treated further from the front. We’re not sure, but this small hospital has probably had very few patients.

During the war, the bunker was camouflaged with a brick wall and a gabled roof. On it was a large white circle with a cross; a sign that this was a hospital. You will see some old hospital tools and medical supplies.

German soldiers, officers and offices of the Kriegsmarine were located in the houses on Javastraat and Timorlaan. The last traces of this are still vaguely visible in the form of the V signs on the facades of these houses.

other activities in the area

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